Hi-Way Drive In Theater 1.6 miles
Rancho Maria Golf Course 1.7 mlles
Hagerman Field Sports Complex 3.5 miles
Santa Maria Museum of Flight 4.1 miles
Santa Maria Valley Museum 6.4 miles
Paul Nelson Aquatic Center 6.6 miles
PCPA Theaterfest 7.0 miles
Santa Maria Speedway 7.3 miles
Vandenberg Air Force Base 14.6 miles
Foxen Winery 16.0 miles
Santa Maria Wine Trail 20.6 miles
Pismo Beach 24.4 miles
Solvang Danish Village 31.0 miles


Quitos Adjacent to property
IHop 1.0 miles
In n Out 1.0 miles
Olive Garden 1.0 miles
Red Robin Burger 1.0 miles
Swiss Chalet 1.0 miles
Wine Cottage Bistro 1.0 miles
Shaws Famous Steakhouse 1.5 miles
Marie Callenders 2.0 miles


Boeing Company 3.8 miles
Water Wanders 3.8 miles
Den Mat 4.4 miles
Helical 5.2 miles
Lockheed Martin 5.5 miles
Raytheon 5.5 miles
Hancock College 7.0 miles
Marion Medical Clinic 7.5 miles
Vandenberg Air Force Base 15.4 miles
Cal Poly SLO 40.0 miles


SMAT Local 1.9 miles
The Breeze Bus 1.9 miles
Santa Maria Cab Company 2.0 miles
Greyhound Bus Station 2.9 miles
Amtrak Train Station 10.3 miles
Santa Maria Public Airport 10.3 miles